Haubner Motashaw specializes in organizational health, process improvement, and equity consulting for businesses and non-profits.

What We Do

We get to know your context. Many small-to-medium sized businesses and non-profits share certain challenges, but are unique in their staff, cultures, structures, and goals. One-size-fits-all solutions therefore often do more harm than good. Customized solutions, however, are often out of reach.

We assess your needs. This is where Haubner Motashaw steps in, with our long history of working with non-profits, government, and small business. Because we know how interconnected all parts of your business are, we will never try to sell you any particular product or service without getting to know your big picture. 

We create a plan. After our initial conversation, depending on your goals, budget, and timeline, we propose a plan on how we can work with you. We prefer long-term partnerships to one-off solutions, because we believe the best results are achieved by persistence and iteration rather than big pushes.

Custom Staff Training

Our experts deliver custom professional development workshops for you and your staff on topics such as diversity, intercultural communication, plain language, meeting facilitation, and more.

Strategic Planning & Goal Setting

We provide a neutral facilitator and custom format for your strategic planning sessions and retreats to ensure all voices are heard and the best ideas are captured.

Harassment Prevention Policies

We strengthen your organizational health by developing the policies, processes, and tools needed to prevent workplace violence and respond to sexual harassment allegations.

Process Audit & Improvement

We help your organization focus on what you do best by finding and implementing off-the-shelf and customized technology solutions that save staff time and energy.

Workshop Development

You have the subject matter expertise; we have the experience to package it into an engaging, worthwhile learning experience that you can use and reuse at your convenience.

Grant Writing

We leverage our experience working for government and non-profit to make your grant proposal stand out.

Board & Staff Recruitment

We help your organization or business recruit with an eye to talent, fit, and diversity.

Trauma-Informed Audit

We will review, design and implement an organizational framework that understands and responds appropriately to various forms of trauma of clients and/or staff.



Projects & Clients

The Haubner Motashaw team has a combined 50+ years of experience working with business, non-profit and government clients on projects ranging from educational programming and strategic planning to political campaigns and public relations.

  For a list of clients and projects, please check back soon!


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